Toddler Sleep Plan

Bedtime battles, escaping the bed at nighttime to run to your bed, giving up naps too early, waking up too early, nightmares...

There are plenty of sleep challenges that your child can go through. 

The good news is, though, that we can fix it! It is never too late to sleep train your child!

2.000 AED

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You may be thinking that you are now too late to sleep train and I want to tell you: No mama, it is never too late! We can still get you a champion sleeper in a matter of weeks! 

We can end the bedtime resistance, the visits in the middle of the nights, the early wakings... How? Giving your child the confidence that he/she is craving! 

I will create a plan personalized to your little one's exact age and specific needs that will cover night and daytime sleep and all sleep related issues you are now facing. I'll walk you through the process during three weeks, available to answer all your questions and making sure we meet sleep success by the end of the process! 


The pre work

Nursery and sleep evaluation 

The plan

Personalized sleep plan

Schedule and routines

1-2 h online training session

The support

2-3 weeks of unlimited support via email and WhatsApp 

Four scheduled 30 minutes call within the 3 weeks

One final Call to cover Questions for the future

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Discovery Call & Proposal

Have questions about the plan? You are not sure Sleep training is for your baby? Book a 15 min free discovery call with me to talk about your issue. I will share how we can, together, get sleep for your family.

I will send you a proposal after our call and, once you have decided, you will be prompted to sign a contract and pay the invoice.

We are now ready to get the ball of sleep rolling for your family!

Questionnaire & Log

You will complete a questionnaire and log your child's sleep for 2 days. That info and a couple of days is all I need to work on the plan to tackle your little one's sleep issues! 

Sleep Plan

The Sleep Plan is a 20-40 pages long document that covers everything sleep (bedtime routines, night wakings, naps, weaning the bottle / pacifier, traveling to a different time zone... you name it, you got it!

It will give you all the tools and resources to get sleep back into your daily life.

Online Training Session

I will walk you through the plan in a 1-1,5 hour video call. Got questions? Ask away! I will not leave until you feel prepared! 


You will have me there for you every single day to support you, to cheer you up, to correct you if you walk away from the good path and to respond to all of your questions. This way there will not be last minute doubts that will make you fail in the process and lose time and frustrate you and your little one. I will make sure that you achieve your goal! 

Want to ensure that you are doing it ok and send me a picture at 10 PM? Yes, please!

Baby Sleeping


Isabel was introduced to us at the right time and a big help at getting our little Lucas to sleep!

We had always struggled with Lucas having bad nights since he was born and waking up at least 3 - 4 times a night, we assumed he would grow out of it but by 18 months there was no improvement. We were all sleepless and in need of some rest and being pregnant for a second time meant we had to try something different.

We were skeptical at first about getting professional help, we just assumed Lucas needed less sleep and not all babies are the same so you can’t compare him to others and then through recommendations in our local park we realised we had a solution right on our doorstep.

After signing up with Isabel, our neighborhood sleep consultant, and a short call to get to know our habits and routine, Isabel quickly put together a plan for us to follow for a period of two weeks. It was definitely tough for the first few days but we could not believe how quickly Lucas adapted to sleeping through the whole night.

Having Isabel available to help us through this experience was amazing! Isabel was super patient and available for any questions (and we had a lot!) and we can’t recommend her enough.

Lucas is now getting more sleep than ever, he is eating better and much happier also each day. As both working parents this had a huge impact on our lives and we will not leave it that long with the second baby for sure. Thank you so much Isabel x

—  Lucas, 18 months old