The Sleep Consult

This package is for you if you simply want some direction. If your child is sleeping independently but you know that he/she is about to drop a nap, or there is a big change coming, or you will make a big transition and are worried about how to approach it. If you need some clarity on the schedule or what you should do to avoid early wakings... I am here for you!

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This package is for you if you only need to make a few changes or have some doubts and questions!

Don't worry! I got you! I will send you an intake form to get a clear idea of what is happening at your home. 

Once I have the questionnaire, I will film a video response for you to receive via email in 1-2 working days. If you feel super insecure. 

If you would rather speak on the phone, we can schedule that as well for 180 AED total.


The pre work

Intake form

The support

Personalized video response via email in 1-2 working days

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Baby Sleeping


Our son had always been a good sleeper but everything changed when we moved. From sleeping almost 12 hours every night to throwing enormous tantrums before going to bed. He also started waking early. We had tried everything! We just didn't know what was that we were doing wrong! 


We found Isabel through a friend. She created a plan that was very well structured and was easy to follow. She told us there would only be a couple of things to change, so we thought we could give it a go and try the DIY package. We needed to tweak a couple things here and there after the first few days but we got our peaceful bedtime routines and "late" mornings after a little more than a week. 

We could not be happier!

—  Santiago, 13 months old