Diy Sleep Plan

This package is for the bravest! Or simply for those parents that already have a good sleeper but have hit a regression or had a big change that has messed things up a bit. If you only want a clear path to follow and feel strong enough to walk alone, this package is for you!

1.000 AED (BABIES) / 1.500 AED (TODDLERS)

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This package is for you if you only need to make a few changes or feel strong enough to tackle sleep training by yourself! 

Don't worry! I got you! I will create a plan personalized to your little one's exact age and specific needs that will cover night and daytime sleep and all sleep related issues you are now facing. I will make sure you understand the plan and know how to use it because, my friend, you will be flying solo! 

But just because I know that there is usually a ton of questions that magically arise after the first few days, I will give you the opportunity to solve those in one email after the first night and then another email after the first week. 


The pre work

Nursery and sleep evaluation 

The plan

Personalized sleep plan

Schedule and routines

1 h online training session

The support

One follow up email after night one

One follow up email after week one

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Discovery Call & Proposal

Have questions about the plan? You are not sure Sleep training is for your baby? Book a 15 min free discovery call with me to talk about your issue. I will share how we can, together, get sleep for your family.

I will send you a proposal after our call and, once you have decided, you will be prompted to sign a contract and pay the invoice.

We are now ready to get the ball of sleep rolling for your family!

Questionnaire & Log

You will complete a questionnaire and log your child's sleep for 2 days. That info and a couple of days is all I need to work on the plan to tackle your little one's sleep issues! 

Sleep Plan

The Sleep Plan is a 20-40 pages long document that covers everything sleep (bedtime routines, night wakings, naps, weaning the bottle / pacifier, traveling to a different time zone... you name it, you got it!

It will give you all the tools and resources to get sleep back into your daily life.

Online Training Session

I will walk you through the plan in a 1-1,5 hour video call. Got questions? Ask away! I will not leave until you feel prepared! 


Once you have the plan and you know how to use it, I will be following up via email after the first night (yep, it's the toughest) and after the first week. 

I expect you to send me all your questions in one email, and I will reply within 24 hours. 

Shoot! you just started and already know that you really want the friendly hand? No problem! You can always check the availability and upgrade!

Baby Sleeping


Our son had always been a good sleeper but everything changed when we moved. From sleeping almost 12 hours every night to throwing enormous tantrums before going to bed. He also started waking early. We had tried everything! We just didn't know what was that we were doing wrong! 


We found Isabel through a friend. She created a plan that was very well structured and was easy to follow. She told us there would only be a couple of things to change, so we thought we could give it a go and try the DIY package. We needed to tweak a couple things here and there after the first few days but we got our peaceful bedtime routines and "late" mornings after a little more than a week. 

We could not be happier!

—  Santiago, 13 months old