Mom to Noah, 12 mo

After a year of sleep deprivation with my 12 month old son who struggled with sleep, I was desperately seeking help in order to restore my health and sanity. I was fortunate that Isabel agreed to help us. She patiently listened to me and created a customized plan that suited our lifestyle and allowed me to be involved in the process. We saw a huge improvement after just 2 nights! From waking up anywhere between 2-6 times a night and needing to be fed/rocked to sleep each time, Noah started sleeping independently for 10-11 hours at night. Isabel’s schedule for us also brought structure into Noah’s daytime habits and he now has set times for meals and naps which was not possible before due to his erratic sleep. Now our day goes on like clockwork and I get to enjoy some me-time after Noah goes to bed independently.

Thank you Isabel for giving me and my family peaceful nights of uninterrupted sleep!



Mom to Alejandra, 8mo

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My daughter Alejandra was 8 months when we started the training. She is a super sweet and happy baby but bit too active and definitely she was a very bad sleeper - we were waking up around 10 times per night!!! It was imposible as a family to keep our daily activity with the lack of sleep. We decided to start the sleep training on a desperate attempt to improve our life quality and we found Isabel because of a friend’s recommendation. She understood from the beginning where were we coming from and designed a personalized plan for our daughter. After just a couple days we saw an amazing improvement and after 2 weeks our daughter was sleeping 11 h without waking up at all! We were not expecting such a change but thanks to Isabel’s advice and her close support our little one learnt how to sleep alone. Isabel was there during the entire process and she definitely made the difference.


She has completely changed our life!! Thanks Isabel


Mom to Amelia, 5 mo

I was an exhausted first time mum thinking that my baby's sleep would never improve and that I would possibly never shower again nor sit down and have a cup of coffee. Until I got acquainted with Isabel Page! She put together a very practical plan and taught us so much about sleep, giving us the confidence and knowledge to deal with tricky night settling and getting my daughter into the right nap pattern. She gave me hope and confidence that we could make changes at a time when I was so exhausted. It was always small, manageable changes. She genuinely took the time to understand our family's sleep goals and the specific needs of our child. She was always very prompt with feedback and always there when I needed advice! Her feedback and solutions were always very effective and easy to follow. She has guided me through Amelia's personal sleep plan in the most professional and patient way possible and she has changed our lives. After one week it was like having a different baby!  I can't recommend Isabel enough.



Mom to Maya, 26 mo

Before finding Isabel, I was stuck in frustration and confusion on what way was best in how to implement sleep training successfully.  She listens, asks questions, carefully considers your life and schedule and then offers advice.

We have had wonderful success with our sleep plan and she made the process calm and enjoyable. 

I’m so grateful for finding her! 


Mom to Alvaro, 4-5 mo

Our four month old baby didn't sleep in his crib, only on top of us... We were completely desperate when we called Isabel to help us because we had tried everything.

I couldn't believe it when I saw my baby peacefully sleeping in his crib after 2 days!! 

Isabel has changed our lives so much!



Mom to twins Luke and Logan

13 mo

Before we worked with Isabel we hardly slept 2 hours straight through the night! I think since we had our twin boys spending money on sleep training with Isabel was the best money spent, let me correct that, it was the best investment we made! My twin boys sleep at night from 7pm straight through to 7 am! I am already recommending her to people that are just talking about having babies!

Thank you Mate in a Dream for making my life easy when it comes to sleeping and putting the boys to bed!

HIGHLY recommended from the Fenthum family!


Mom to Shloka

23 mo

We’re a few days late to writing this review because we’ve been too busy enjoying our sleep - thanks to Isabel!

I can’t explain how glad I am that I came across Isabel’s service. Like many parents before us, we were at breaking point getting no sleep in the night and trying to function in the day. We would have to spend an hour rocking our baby to sleep and then she’d wake up six or seven times every night for comfort.

These unsustainable sleep habits made me feel like a zombie - physically & emotionally drained. I knew I had to make a change because I wanted to be a happy mom for my baby, not a tired & grumpy one. Sleep training was tough & I couldn’t have done it without Isabel’s help. She helped me change my own mindset & focus on the reason I needed to make changes. My baby needed uninterrupted sleep, a predictable schedule, the right sleep environment & a consistent routine.

To be honest we were doubting if the sleep training would work out for our daughter, because she was very hard to handle when it was about sleeping. But we are so glad that we did the sleep training. We are very thankful for Isabel her help. She was very supportive and kind even when I wasn’t confident the first few days.

Anyone sitting on the fence about sleep training your little ones, dont waste time. Isabel is the best!